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Coffee Pod Filling Machines in 2023: How Can You Choose One for Your Business?

In today’s issue, we review coffee pod-filling machines for manufacturing. What are the different sizes and options to choose from?

Follow through this article as we also present you ways that will help you successfully start and/or grow your coffee supply business with the right mindset and suitable type of coffee pod-filling machine to use.

Choosing a coffee pod filling machine from a reliable manufacturer is often a challenge for a lot of startups. You would need to source from different manufacturers and weigh out the price and services they offer before you would hit the order button.

You should always be on the lookout for changes and newer market trends in the coffee pod industries. This is to know if you have the right tools and if your machine specifications are fine-tuned to produce the best coffee pods in the market.

Remember that the coffee market industry is a difficult arena. Coffee lovers would grind you with negative reviews if you didn’t get the right quality, intensity, and taste of their morning coffees. 

First is to Know Your Coffee Pods Well and What Matters to Consumers

Assuming you have done everything that needs to be done before starting your coffee business. You are ready to enter the competitive coffee supply industry. You know all the pod types available and how each formulation works for consumers and coffee lovers. 

Now, how can you convince consumers that they should choose your product? Let’s summarize what people love about coffee pods.

Re-define to Consumers What Makes Coffee Pods So Special

Over the last decade, people’s interest in single-serve coffee pods has soared in popularity. In the US alone, sales rose from 1.8 million to 20.7 million, says the Euromonitor survey. In 2018, almost 40% of the US population has espresso pod equipment. In the UK, almost one-third of the population owns coffee pod equipment.

Excerpt data from Google Trends, April 2023

One of the reasons is that it only takes seconds to brew coffee with a single coffee capsule. These coffee pods are designed to carry a specific amount of blended, grounded, and roasted coffee which could stay fresh for up to 9 months. Options available are dizzying, but the most popular household pods are the Nespresso, K-cup, Lavazza, and Dolce Gusto.

Consider Consistency

One of the advantages of coffee pods over traditional methods of preparing coffee is their consistency. This is especially essential in the preparation of espresso to achieve a uniform, fine grind, and evenly tasted coffee. With an expertly designed coffee pod filling machine, the accurate filling can be made


Yes, green initiatives have questioned the sustainability of coffee pods as it seems to generate more waste in landfills. However, a recent study says that coffee pods are actually not that bad for the environment. In fact, pods only require minimal coffee input which translates to lesser environmental impact than other coffee-brewing methods.

Precise Dosing is Important

Another advantage of coffee pods over other coffee preparation methods is accurate doses of grinds are maintained. In traditional coffee preparations, it is not easy to fill specific scoop measurements of grinds. In effect, discrepancies can eventually ruin the taste and quality of the espresso so coffee filling should be accurate.

Smart and Innovative

For the best single-serve coffee pods in the market, the taste is not the only criterion that gives a meaningful experience to consumers but also, its impact. 

The question would surround, “Is it really worth each penny buying your product?” By incorporating state-of-the-art features such as an oxygen barrier and diamond grid, together with innovative and smart packaging, you can deliver the best pods in the market. 

When you are choosing a coffee pod-filling machine supplier, choose wisely. Some manufacturers offer complete packaging sets for integrating filling, sealing and packaging in one production lane. You can also let them adjust some machine features to accommodate special packaging requirements.

Excerpt from Roastesso Coffee Capsules

Choose a Type of Coffee Pod Filling Machine

There are many types of coffee pod filling machines available from coffee capsule packaging machine manufacturers. 

#1 Nespresso Filling Machine

Nespresso is one of the oldest and most popular mainstream coffee pods in the market. A Nespresso coffee pod filling machine is an automatic packaging machine for filling and sealing coffee products, cocoa and milk powder.

Coffee pod filling machine suppliers commonly offer four (4) models of Nespresso Filling Machines, each with different handling capacities (30, 50, 100 and 200 filling capsule/min). All machines are usually fully automated and parts can be customized or imported from highly reliable electronic brands such as Omron, Scheinder and Allen Bradley.

Cup Size and Shape

  • Dimension is 37mm in diameter and 30 mm high.

Filling Volume

  • Each capsule may contain 5 to 7 grams of premium espresso coffee with flavorings of your choice.
  • One coffee capsule is enough for a single-serve brewed coffee for one person.

Capsule Material

  • Can be made from aluminum or plastic, or biodegradable material pods. Nespresso- compatible pods are made of food-grade plastic and aluminium lid.

Nespresso Pod Variations

These Nespresso variations are:

Image excerpt from Updated 2017 Guide to Nespresso Coffee Capsules

Espresso pods

Nespresso espresso pods are enjoyed by most coffee consumers. The Espresso collection holds seven (7) pods with varying intensities of blended coffee.

Pure Origin pods

Pure Origin pods have three collections traced in a common origin. It contains a Dulsao, Rosabaya and Indriya pod.

Lungo pods

These pods are suited for longer drinks (“tall” coffee). The collection contains four (4) lungo pods. In making longer drinks, a larger amount of water is used when brewing.

Decaffeinato pods

The Nespresso collection contains three (3) decaf pods. The decaf pod series has no caffeine but flavors can be varied.

#2 K-cup Filling Machine

A K-Cup pod filling machine is equipment for packaging K-cup and compatible pod products. K-Cup pods are mainly used for coffees and teas but they can also contain other food and beverage products such as hot chocolate and cappuccino.

Capsule Shape

  • 51 mm in diameter and 44 mm high with a U-Shape figure.

Filling Volume

  • 7 to 12 grams of coffee and other ingredients.

Capsule Features

  • Capsule is usually made of plastic with an aluminum foil top. A filter material lines the inner portion of the capsule.

K-Cup Variations

There are a hundred K-cups available in the market

With tons of ingredient variations for each type coupled with a hectic production schedule to follow, a coffee filling machine with a quick and efficient changeover process is needed. 

So you should choose a K-cup filling machine supplier that can deliver fill and seal lean manufacturing technique that greatly improves the efficiency of the formulation changeover process.

#3 Dolce Gusto Filling Machine

A Dolce Gusto pod-filling machine packages dolce gusto coffee capsules for single-serve coffee applications. A pod contains many ingredients such as grind coffee, frothy milk and hot chocolate.

Capsule Shape

  • Size is 54 mm in diameter and 37 mm in height; U-Shape.

Filling Volume

  • 7 to 12 grams of coffee and other ingredients

Capsule Features

  • Typically made of plastic with plastic lid.

Dolce Gusto Pod Variations

Manufacturers may offer you pod machine variations that can easily integrate formulation changeover of Dolce Gusto pod variations in a single machine. Here are some options you can choose from:

Caffe Americano

This pod has 100% Roast & Ground coffee and an aromatic crema layer.


Rich espresso with frothy milk.

Latte Macchiato

Mildly sweet, frothy milk with full-bodied espresso.


Rich chocolate from cocoa beans.

Caffe Lungo

Full-bodied coffee and crema layer.

Skinny Cappuccino

Espresso shot topped with frothy milk: fat free and 50 Calories a cup.

#4 Lavazza Filling Machine

Lavazza filling machines fill and seal Lavazza capsules with Italian espresso of mixed coffee origins. Lavazza and other Lavazza-compatible capsules such as Lavazza Blue, Lavazza A Modo Mio, and Lavazza Point, have been adopted to package other products in the food and beverage industry.

Capsule Shape

  • Plastic capsule and lid, 47mm diameter by 27mm high.

Filling Volume

  • 7 to 12 grams

Capsule Features

  • The capsule is made from soft material.

Considering Coffee Pod Filling Machine Orientation

Rotary Coffee Pod Filling Machines

A rotary filling machine layout has a rotary wheel that turns in a timely manner that automatically conveys capsules for each succeeding process. Control is entirely pneumatic and is fast-paced as compared with the In-line type. If you want to complete a filling and sealing cycle at a faster rate (usually from a usual 50 cycles/min in inline type to 35 cycles/min in rotary type), you can opt for this fast, automated packaging solution.

Inline Coffee Pod Filling Machines

Inline coffee pod filling machines carry out the filling and sealing process in a single or double lane. This type of machine is more cost-effective and easier to calibrate than the rotary type, but it’s actually less productive in terms of throughput. If you want to have your first start-up coffee-filling machine, you can opt for this machine. This machine can fire up with higher throughput for dual-lane configurations.

Fully Automatic vs. Semi-Automatic vs. Manual Coffee Pod Filling Machine: Which One to Pick?

Fully Automatic Coffee Pod Filling Machines

Fully automatic coffee pod filling machines are highly recommended for almost any application with large-scale production. Most prominently, they are used by large companies with high production demands. Features of fully automatic filling machines typically include the following:

  • Automatic cup feeding and discharging
  • Automatic capsule sorting
  • Automatic lid placing
  • Auto liquid dosing for different coffee flavors

Semi-Automatic Coffee Pod Filling Machines

For Semi-Automatic Filling Machines, the operator uses a footswitch to start the filling and other machine processes. The pods are manually loaded into the machine while filling is automatic. 

Semi-automatic coffee pod filling machines are best options for small businesses and startups with low production demands but will soon expand the business. Since transitioning is a costly affair, a semi-automatic machine can significantly reduce costs than opting for fully automatic filling machines.

Manual Coffee Capsule Sealing Machines

Manual sealing machines are operated by hand and do not need a power supply. Thus, they are ideal for very small productions where electricity is not available and power outage is common. Manual coffee pod filling machines are cost-friendly and can be easy to handle, but aren’t efficient especially if you are a mid-sized company.

When to Consider a Fully-Automated Coffee Capsule Filling Machine?

When you buy a fully automatic coffee pod filling machine, the following benefits apply:

  • Reduced operating costs.
  • Faster production in bulk quantities.
  • Streamlined and fully automated coffee packaging line.
  • Ensured defect-free and tightly sealed coffee capsules free from leaks.
  • More convenient production as the operator only needs to monitor the packaging process.

Coffee Pod Filling Machine Options

Fully automated coffee pod-filling machines can be offered in a variety of models to accommodate different requirements. Manufacturers often keep a variety of Nespresso, K-cup, Lavazza, and Dolce Gusto coffee capsule sealing machines that may either fit the requirements of a small company or a large enterprise.

Here is a table on the differences between each of these models.

Suitable forModelNespressoK-cupLavazzaDolce Gusto
Startups/Small Enterprises1-Lane, 1800 cph In-line Filling Machine
Specs:Wt = 500 kgDimension = 2000*900*2000 mm
Mid Size Companies2-Lane, 6000 CPH In-Line Filling Machine

Specs:Wt = 2,000 kgDimension = 4000*1500*2000 mm
Large companies4-Lane, 12,000 cph In-line Filling Machine

Specs:Wt = 2,000 kgDimension = 6000*1500*2000 mmSpecs:Wt = 1,800 kgDimension = 4800*1500*2000 mmSpecs:Wt = 2,000 kgDimension = 6000*1500*2000 mm
Startups and Mid-size companies with Larger Production Demands1-lane, 3000 cph Rotary Filling Machine
Specs:Wt = 500 kgDimension = 2000*900*2000 mmSpecs:Wt = 500 kgDimension = 2000*1300*2000 mm
Filling volume (g/pod)5 to 7 (can be adjusted)7 to 12 (can be adjusted)7 to 10 (can be adjusted)7 to 12 (can be adjusted)
Filling accuracy±0.2 grams
Capsule MaterialPlastic/aluminum

Both pre-cut lids or rolled films and can be used for sealing plastic and aluminum coffee pods. 

OEM and Customization

Most manufacturers in China offer OEM services. With this you can opt for machine customization to add features such as the following:

  • In-line weighing system for each capsule.
  • Automatic sorting and feeding of capsules to the machine.
  • Automatic system for liquid dosing to accommodate different coffee flavors.
  • Integration of pouches and boxes packaging machine.
  • Cutting and putting filters on the capsules.

Wrapping Up

If you have further questions or want to have a quotation, feel free to contact us today and we’ll be in touch in not more than 12 hours.

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